Field Rules and Waiver


Waivers – New waivers, must be signed or submitted before every game.
Eye Protection – Sealed goggles, must be worn on the field at all times.
No Blind Firing – You must have eyes in target before you shoot.

Chrono Limits
Heavy MG (SAW, M60 etc) 465
Sniper, DMR 500
Players caught with hot guns or guns that were not chronographed prior to the game will be removed from the game with no refund given. Please note that any weapon may be subject to a spot chrono test throughout the day, even if it is banded from the morning chrono test. This is all to help protect players on the field.

MED Minimum Engagement
DistancesAEG 15’
Heavy MG 50’
Sniper,DMR 100’

Bang/Safety Kill Rule: If you are within 15’ of another player who is not looking in your direction, you can after pointing your gun at them call BANG that player will call them selves out and proceed to respawn.
On-field conflicts- If a conflict comes up between players you are NOT to get in a shouting match. If you can calmly discuss the matter you may place your deadreag on your head, and approach the player, and ask them about the infraction that has upset you. After this discussion you may resume your previous place on the field remove your deadrag and resume playing. If you do NOT think, you can calmly discuss the matter with the other player, call for a ref or admin. We will come to you and mediate the issue immediately.

Kill Shots – Any direct shot from a bb (not a ricochet) to you (head to toe) is a kill shot. Gun hits do not count.
No Climbing – Do not climb any trees or on field structures
Boundaries – The field is surrounded by wire fencing do not go past the fence.