60 players on outpost against unknown number is opfor

Price includes Patch, Place to sleep, Dinner and Breakfest

North 40 and Theta Events present OUTPOST 18 Milsim
18 hour OP Yes- its 2 days with only break is at Midnight till morning
Only 60 troops on the Outpost.
Player onsite Dorms with Meals
Will play late into the night
Meals will be Saturday Dinner and Sunday Breakfest

Water, Showers, Kitchen, Restrooms, Beds (no blankets or sheets), Power

Can you hold back the OPfor from over running your supplies and outpost for the weekend.

Game Story:
You are the last units left in the area. Troops that are able to fight draw a line to allow all the other units to leave the area. You are to hold Outpost 18, your supplies, and each other until everyone has evac. Can you hold out, can you hold the line, can you make sure your buddy and you make it home.

Hit Rules
Theta Event Injury then Death Rules

Hits work like this. (if you are hit anywhere on body or gear)
When you are hit with a BB (shot, grenade BB – friend or foe), you go prone or take a knee this is considered WOUNDED. Put your Dead Rag on.
While wounded you can crawl, talk, move to cover and be moved to cover. Just can’t use weapon or stand. If you can stay alive by not getting hit again, melee, or captured – player is back in the fight after 5 minutes. You may self heal once in the field.
When WOUNDED and then KIA by BB or melee. Get up and walk to Medical/Bunks. Full death results in 30 minute recovery
When WOUNDED the enemy can CAPTURE a wounded player and hold them for 5 minutes with an option to kill or release alive without ammo usage. Or Can take back to Command Area.
Players can not escape the capture but can be saved before the 5 minutes and they are healed and back in the fight.
If released after 5 minutes, player must go all the way back to the FOB to “rearm”.
Protect each other. These rules are setup to value life over lone wolves. Your Teammates are valuable assets. It’s long walks to spawns. Each time you go out the life of yourself and the person beside of you matters.

Correct Uniform Code
Green based Military Camos
Multicam and MC Tropic allowed
Head gear must Match allowed colors
NO Hunting Camo
NO Desert Digital, DCU, AOR1
NO Black on top or Bottom
NO civi look
Gear Color doesn’t matter
DEAD RAG and Light needed

Mags and Ammo
Do not exceed these for these type weapons
600 rounds for your Primary Rifle
no more than 100 in Pistols clips
150 rounds for Snipers
200 rounds for DMR
1500 Rounds for Support (Max 5 support Weapons for weekend)
200 rounds for Shotguns
no more than 2 grenades
no more than 1 smoke
No Speed loaders in the Field
Please bring a Box with your name on it for your ammo and speedloaders. It will be placed and guarded in the Ammo Cabin

1.55 joule max for HPA with .32
400 FPS Full Auto AEG 15′ MED
465 Support (Must Be SAW, M60 etc.. No M4s with box mag) 50′ MED
500 FPS Sniper/DMR (DMR must have full auto disabled or follow AEG rules) 100′ MED
These FPS limits are using .2 gram bbs

Please Bring ways to carry water or drinks with you. There will be free water on site. and Other drinks you can buy (drinks are included at the 2 meals for free)
Dinner will happen during the game. Breakfast will start during the morning stand down
Dead Rags, red light, way to tell time, and Radio are required.
Will have supply Cabin (Vendor – North 40 on site)
There are bunk beds first come first serve with just a few normal ones.
We have side Bathrooms for Women that have showers.
Power is in the dorms for fans, chargers, and Heaters.

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